B2B Growth & Demand Gen Marketing Consultant

I started the B2B growth marketing programs at some notable Toronto-based startups, such as Wave and Ritual.

I now help B2B tech companies with their growth marketing to unlock major revenue growth.

I helped grow revenue at some excellent B2B companies

I’ll guide your team with a mix of advisory, execution, and iteration to find the fast track to growth. 

Ten Thousand Coffees
Magnet Forensics
Mike Hurst
Mike Hurst

CEO & Co-Founder, Exactuals

Ray is an extremely valuable member of our team at Exactuals.  

Over the past two years he has built our direct marketing program from the ground up while optimizing for excellent and ever improving metrics.  

His knowledge of the space is unparalleled and he truly enjoys the work.  

Exactuals has historically focused on direct sales over marketing, so when Ray arrived, we needed executive education and to build a foundation for success in our advertising efforts.  

We couldn’t have asked for a better leader and partner.  We look forward to working with Ray for years to come.

Laurent Messier

Marketing Director, NOVO

Raymond played a huge part in our marketing strategy in 2021.

We were looking for a fresh start in marketing, with the goal of building out a strong inbound funnel.

He immersed himself in our industry quickly. With his in-depth knowledge, we implemented a new tech stack, automation, analytics, and ad campaigns from the ground up in a few weeks.

He played a major role in making sure we had a solid foundation to build on. Our inbound flow is now stronger than ever, reliably generating new opportunities every month. I’m happy to say we had a record year in 2021.

Working with consultants is always a bit stressful, because you never know what to expect. With Raymond, we had the peace of mind that our campaigns were in excellent hands, he’s been an integral part of our marketing team.

Marketing Programs That Suit Your Business

Demand Strategy, Paid Search & Paid Media

Lower CAC, increase ROAS, and many more of those sweet acronyms. Drive the right traffic with search, prospecting, social, and re-targeting campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve your conversion rates with A/B testing on your website and landing pages. Get more of your hard-earned traffic into your CRM.

Marketing Automation

Implement & build new automation programs that effectively nurture leads to opportunity. Landing page and email execution.

SEO Strategy & Content

Improve online visibility, search rankings, and site traffic. Get more traffic and develop your content engine to generate more leads.

Some client wins:

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